Honesty and Changes of Taste

Since reading the exceptional book Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton, everything has changed: from having episodes of brief enlightenment to finally knocking all the lies out to my parents and finally coming to see them as other flawed people, just like me!

One significant change I’ve encountered is my taste in women. Right now I’m writing this to procrastinate from setting “these boots are made for walking” for choir, but in watching the various versions I noticed the stark difference between the Nancy Sinatra version with Jessica Simpson.

In times gone by if someone had held a gun to my head and forced me to pick which one I’d most like to sleep with, it would’ve been Simpson, simply because she’s more overtly sexual, and probably much more toned. But since I’ve become more honest with myself and others I’m starting to becoming attracted to more subtle qualities.

Look at the effortless class of Nancy Sinatra, she’s got something to her: sexy, present… she holds your attention and her sex appeal is real. She’s sexy and she knows it. But look at the try-hard trash of Simpson – she has to basically get her minge out for attention – you can see the fake in her eyes – her head is saying to her “do they still think I’m sexy? Better slut it up a bit more to make sure.”

I don’t like people who piss about in their heads, seeking approval from others and being externally referenced. The reason I don’t like them is because that’s the version of me I like the least – this is called transference – I’m projecting my faults onto others. Simpson exudes the person I don’t like. I’m becoming more and more attracted to girls who I can see are in the present and work on themselves to put the best of themselves across to the world, not for approval seeking and validation from an over-sexed public. That turns me on in much more profound ways than Jess getting her baps out.

2 thoughts on “Honesty and Changes of Taste

  1. I can definitely share this sentiment as I have also had this experience myself quite recently and it has boggled my mind. I have this colleague of mine which I feel extremely attracted too, but counter-intuitively, she wouldn’t be considered hot according to most of the male population.

    Even though, as such, I find that I have a huge sexual attraction to her as a person and I think I have a significantly higher desire for her than any other hot woman I could’ve slept with.

    I still ask myself sometimes why people claim that men are attracted exclusively to looks, when in fact for me, personally, intellect in a woman is much more stimulating and arousing than looks. Of course looks matter, but too little!

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