Should I do this? Should I do that?

This is something which is never discussed in the community

“When should I piss?”

“When should I go in for the kiss?”

“Should I kino on the date?”

“Should I leave it a day before texting?”

Here are some techniques:

Ping texts, kino ladder, qualification, disqualification, teasing, push-pull, time constraints, takeaways, tele-shagging, leading, rewarding good behaviour, statement of interest, stacking statements, demonstrating high value, sexualising, etcetera, und so weiter, yaddy yaddy yadda.

Who teaches you these techniques? PUAs, dating coaches, daygamers, organisations, books, videos.

What is this stuff? It’s knowledge. Where does knowledge reside? In the mind. Because it’s information, and information is conceptual – words, thoughts. I hope you’ve followed so far.

So what the piss am I trying to say?

I’ll tell you.

As you know, the problem a lot of aspiring seducers face is that they receive information, and then attempt to use that information in “set”. This is known as being “stuck in the head” and it’s quite apt, because that’s exactly where information lies!

This stuff is good information, and it can be applied. But no one discusses how to know how and when to apply it. The reason they don’t discuss it is because it is not a technique that can be learned, it is not anything that needs to be learned. It doesn’t take place in the mind. The mind is for learning.

But people confuse mind and instincts. There is a reason for this.

Let’s talk about the Continuum Concept

Perhaps the answer to Philip Larkin’s “This be the verse”

This is a book written by Jean Liedloff. Here is the premise: She spent three years with untouched tribes of the amazon and noticed that they were all happy, fulfilled and didn’t have this nagging sense of something wrong that the vast majority of the “civilized” world feels. She found that these people bring up their children in a totally different way to the rest of the world. They bring them up by instinct. This means the mother carries the baby around when she does everything. That’s her instinct. The baby ends up becoming more self-sufficient, independent and, ultimately, happy in itself and with itself. The way it should be.

The intellect has great advantages: medicine, technology, civilisation, this computer, buildings, cities, aeroplanes… you can imagine the rest. So we also imagine that intellect is wiser than our instincts.

Hahahaha! You HAVE to be kidding me?!

As Liedloff points out, parents immediately go to war with their children, ignoring their feelings and letting their baby cry in torture (it is torture, and an eternity since the baby has no concept of time) because “it needs to learn who’s boss”.  No. Your ears have evolved to hear that crying as something horrific for a reason, because it is. We have been raising young, as mammals, for 100 million years. This cerebral intelligence we have is very recent, it thinks it knows better, we think it knows better, but we are fools. It’s good for some things, but it can’t outdo 100 million years of evolution. We think it can because cars work.

Let’s bring this back to techniques in daygame, and let’s look at the difference of knowing  information vs. applying that information.

How long have we been mating? Attracting each other as females and males? At least 200 000 years, as fully formed humans, millions of years as primates, and at least 100 million years as mammals. You have the instincts build within you. 100 million years. What makes you think some bloke called Erik can tell you what to feel?

So what makes you think that anyone else can tell you when you should go for the kiss gambit, or whatever other technique you are using?

This is the mistake people make – because they learned the technique from someone else, they also think that can learn when to use it from someone else. Let me give you some other examples of these kind of questions:

“when should I take a shit?”

“when should I breathe?”

“when should I eat?”

When should you eat?!!! When you’re hungry!!! Why are you even asking?

Food please

WHAT should I eat – ah-ha!! Very good, that’s a question worth asking; because it’s about knowledge. Through research we can say what foods are most healthy, what vitamins you need, what kind of balanced diet will help you live longer. This is knowledge.

“When do I eat?” What? You have millions of years of evolution to tell you that. Your stomach rumbles… you eat. It’s this kind of attempt to intellectualise the highly intricate yet highly internalised processes of the body which results in idiot mistakes like going hungry, not having sex, or raising a dysfunctional child.


“what’s a good kiss-close gambit”

This is a question worth asking (possibly). Here are some answers: “Do you think you’re a good kisser?” “Would you like to kiss me?” “I’m trying hard not to kiss you right now.”

Ok, these are all “kiss-gambits” – information. They are mind games and that’s why they work on a cerebral level.


“when should I go for the kiss close?”

Why are you even asking that question? You know when already! When you feel the energy between you, when you feel a beating in your heart, a stirring in your loins, you feel your hands ready to do some serious touching up, a drying in your mouth. But you don’t need me to tell you this!

“when should I go for a shit?”

When you feel a fullness in your abdomen and the area around your anus feels like it wants to relax and….

Do I need to go on?

There’s a further step to this – I never use gambits or tricks for the kiss. I trust my instincts, I trust evolution. It never lets me down.

I’ll leave you with wise words from Obi Wan. You are all Luke Skywalkers. Don’t forget it. Trust yourself. Let go of your mind and its questions. When you do this you are capable of amazing things.

Now follow my fucking blog already

Love ya xx


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