Gamechanger #2: Willy Wisdom

Daygame wisdom

Here’s the next game-changer.. a bit obvious when you think about it, or rather, when you stop thinking about it…

From way back in November 2010:

This I learned recently.

If your brain is anything like mine, it analyses, calculates and processes all possibilities of everything and tries to deal with all outcomes of infinite variables in a complex algorithm, which can be useful, but not as far as approaching women is concerned!

But Hallelujah!, I have found a cure! It came when I was walking along and a girl who was actually on fire with sexy flames passed me. There are certain times in your life when your brain gives up, and no analytical thoughts can be processed in your head, such was the hotness of this girl.

An analogy:

When I listen to Rachmaninov Vespers or Durufle Requiem, so tumultuous is the emotional intensity that my head gives up and hands over control to my heart.

In the same way, so smoking was this girl that my my head just gave up and said:

I can’t handle this. Knob, it’s over to you!

So my advice from here on is – if you see a hot girl, let the old fella take over – he won’t let you down. What your head has to say doesn’t really matter, it’s probably unnecessarily complicated, contradictory  bullshit anyway: but, good ol’ John Thomas has a definite idea of what he’d like from this situation. He has clarity and a singular purpose, and if you follow Him, He will take you to the promised land, so let his will[y] be done!

This was, I think, my first attempt to understand the mind (if that’s possible!), what it does and why it does it, by simply bypassing it.

What I was tapping into here is awareness – the stuff before thinking, judging, labeling and whatever else comes with it. This desire lead me into meditation, yoga, tai-chi and daygame itself.

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