Gamechanger #5: Make Lemonade

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Hopefully not this sour

Frequent things my students say:

– “She said she had a boyfriend, what do I do?”

– “I couldn’t approach because she saw me.”

– “She’s gone into the shop. It would be weird.”

– “She said another guy just came and said the exact thing.”

One of the first things I teach is “lemons, lemonade!”

It means this – everything is useful, everything is positive and everything is material!

Here are some examples:

Problem? She sees you approaching.

No problem! “Hi, I just saw you noticing me approaching you, it’s because I just wanted to say…”

Problem? She says “someone just came up to me and said the exact same thing!”

No problem! “Oh, and what happened?” Then talk about it!

Problem? She says “I have a boyfriend.”

No problem! “Oh, what’s his name?” Then just carry on!

Problem? She says: “stop negging me!” (this happened to me the other week)

No problem! “Ha! That’s not a neg, this is a neg…” (I’m now sleeping with her)

Problem? “But she went into a shop…”

No problem! “Excuse me, I just saw you coming into this shop and…”

Problem? “But there are two of them!”

No problem! That means one of them can qualify the other for you! Whoop!

Problem? “I’m too hungover to approach.”

No problem! “Hi, I just saw you and despite being hungover, I had to run over and say…”

Problem? She says “I have to meet my friends.”

No problem! “Yeah, me too.” then carry on!

And it goes on and on and on and on. Whatever happens, use it. Call out the elephant in the room, things going “wrong” is just a matter of interpretation! The main thing to realise is that these are all just limiting beliefs and bullshit rationalisations. Just spot them, embrace them, pat them on the head condescendingly and carry on!

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