Be like children

Kidz say da funniest things

Do they? I don’t think so I think comedians say funnier things. Kids are mostly idiots. They don’t think about what they say, the just blurt out whatever occurs to them. That’s what I like about kids, and that’s where you will find gold in daygame, and in life.

This is a picture of a 7 year old child, but to avoid accusations of pedophilia I have waited 25 years before taking the picture

I’ve written it before and so have many others, that when we’re children, despite all being systematically tortured in the cot by our parents “for our own good”, we still have the vague semblance of beings still connected to the divine energy which put us here. Babies still recognise the truth that they are one with their surroundings, and some of that lingers into childhood. However, this is slowly ground out of us as we learn to mistrust ourselves and trust our parents, who also learned to mistrust themselves and the cycle of misery is repeated. We’re told when to eat, when to sleep, what to think, who to trust, when to shit, when to piss, what to do and when to wake up into another day of fear, self-loathing and fucking television.

Now and then you see a child, on a bus, tube or train, or in a zoo, and if you’re not arrested immediately for being a pedophile you may have just enough time to notice the curiosity of that child, fearlessly asking a member of the public “why are you wearing that?” in the perfect ambiguous push/pull compliment/neg without any sense of thinking “what will they think of what I say?” or “what will the chimpanzees think?” (I’m referring to the tube here, of course).

Well good news, daygamers… The child approach is along the right track for this little hobby of ours. Not the picking nose bits or the devil-may-care attitude to dental hygiene, but the bit that wants to play. You see, daygame, like life, is just a game. Do you know why they call it “game”? Because it is. Because games are there to be played.

I often have students who struggle through thinking that this is somehow serious. You trying to talk to this female to convince her to let you repeatedly put your little winky in and out of a hole between her legs until weird milky effluvia spurts out as you put on a face like you’re sucking a Haribo Tangfastic. It’s not serious. It’s silly.

If you treat it like this you will see your results rocket, along with the aforementioned winky. And you never know, you may have some fun along the way toboot.

So let’s all be children, going out to play – let the city streets be a playground. I invite you to join me.

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