We think too much and feel too little

Same old chestnut, ain’t it: all these problems people have – how do I do this? what do I say? What will they think? What if she kicks me in the nuts? All based on being in your head – and as dear old Beckster said: “you have to be out of your head, not in your head, to get head.” (I assume he meant get given head, not to suck someone else off)

We start by watching this:

This is the speech made by Hilter-alike slapstick wizard Charlie Chaplin in his oft scorned but extremely brilliant film The Great Dictator. There’s one bit I want to point you to at 1:55, where he says: “We think too much and feel too little.” In 1940 this was all too apparent, and it continues to be today. We are taught to become machines – mistrusting our instincts in favour of clumsy intellectualized substitutes – losing touch with our essence, our core. Incidentally, if you’ve never become connected to your core, what I’ve written there will be either vague or sheer wooly nonsense – if you have you will either be smugly bathing in your core or bitterly lamenting losing it to yet another bout of pointless thinking. If you’ve not felt it before, it’s like the combination of utter peace and silence with someone passing the output of the national grid through your system. Nom nom nom.

Bring this to daygame, and the same applies. Unfortunately since Mystery first opened up his Casio calculator he’s been quantifying the natural process of seduction into some kind of scientific box-checking exercise, as if the finely nuanced dance of seduction could be learned for a GCSE exam. Although improvements have been made from David D and his cocky-funny commandment to the daygame team and there blueprinted compromise, there is still the revolting pandering to the notion that the way out of thinking – which was stopping you from approaching and seducing in the first place – is more thinking, as if the best way of putting out the fire raging through your neighbourhood was to sling a Molotov cocktail at the epicentre. Everyone thinks that thinking is top dog. And if you’re building a skyscraper, writing a novel or curing a disease, it is. If you’re eating an apple, taking a shit or seducing a female, it isn’t. This is the fundamental problem of all seduction systems, and it puts the “mental” into “fundamental” (arf arf).

You can learn to seduce females using a system – I spent months religiously following Mystery’s Method and not without some shallow success to go with it. But those successes made me feel all too shitty – it’s what happens when you negate your core, when you “think too much and feel too little.” Feeling your way through this daygame thing is where the fun is at,  it’s where the fulfillment is at and it’s where the success is at. And how do we measure success? How many women we’ve slept with? What good is that, if you feel like a miserable, empty sonofabitch? No, you measure success by how fulfilled you feel, how comfortable you are in your own skin, the quality of these hookups and seductions – whether they drained all your energy of made you full of life – whether they left you a peaceful example of oneness or an unglorified empty cum sack.

Don’t get me wrong – the odd line or routine can do wonders, but that’s the point – what you say doesn’t matter too much, it can be routines or spontaneous content. It’s what’s behind the lines that matters – it’s that Great Diktat: “think less and feel more.” Follow it.

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