Daygame is the best medicine

“Laughter is the best medicine.”


Daygame is the best medicine.

A bit of back-story. One of the reasons laughter is a good medicine is that – apart from the brain drugs it releases – it brings you firmly into the present moment because you can feel your lungs and diaphragm twatting about. That’s good!

For a lot of daygamers – and not just beginners – the process of “going out sarging” is tiring and a struggle – little wonder when you are having to battle yourself through the streets. This tends to be the routine junkies, the system people, those who think that the solution to too much thinking is to pile on yet more thinking – analysing, techniques, routines, models, positive thinking, affirmations – but the routine junkies only really get good and have fun when they eventually get out of their head – i.e. when they have internalised those routines into the subconscious. I’m a firm believer that this is an unnecessary and boring path where only the most masochistic people will succeed. This opinion comes from my own experience of trying to internalise material for the best part of a year until I eventually dropped all the words from other people’s mouths, and my results skyrocketed. Speaking of paths, I’m digressing slightly, but there is a point here.

The other day I felt depressed. I had recently quit my full-time job to go freelance. A little prematurely as I’ve not yet got enough of a client base to survive. Fear. But I figured, if I don’t do it now I never will. Anyway, I had also come back from Christmas at home, which still leaves me feeling depressed, for whatever repressed reason. I hadn’t been “out” for around 2 weeks, I also had a student to teach, and I trudged to central London in the miserable drizzle and thought – I can’t be fucked – with this, with work, with family, and I can’t be fucked with the whole lot, life included.

Now the good thing about daygame is that it has helped me develop and awareness of my mind. So in the old days I would have sacked it off and stayed home, sinking a large bottle of wine and watching sitcoms in order to forget who I was, but these days I know not always to trust my mind, since it’s always analysing some kind of meaning when there very well may be none. But it’s just doing its job. I eventually got to town, and after talking to my student for a couple of minutes I did a demo set – straight in, I was attracted and the mind fucked right off. You know you get those signs outside “hip” classrooms like “leave your prejudices at the door”, well I think there should be a sign on the street saying “leave your mind outside the set”. Concentrate instead on your senses. (By the way, if you’re thinking “but if I don’t think how will I think of something to say?” Well, it’s impossible to be thinking and be in the present, so read this article.)

After I came out of the set (with a very solid number) I was back! I had lost my mind and come to my senses. And, of course, feeling a whole lot better. So you see, daygame is the best medicine.

But why is this? As ever, the answer is that it’s not that simple. Daygame itself isn’t a good medicine. Some people do daygame and are left depressed, despondent and tired – this used to be me. This was before I’d worked out the difference between my mind and reality, the difference between thinking in my brain and feeling in my body. The reason daygame is a medicine for me is because it gives me a method to let go of my mind and embrace what’s actually out there. Some may do this with skydiving, their favourite sport, yoga, meditation, art, music and… laughter. But for me it’s the variety of daygame that gives it the edge (and that it’s free), because it allows you to be open and sexually you without being drunk or on whatever substance you need to stop you thinking.

As the famous song goes (you all know it, so sing along):

When you’re feelin’ down
When you’re feelin’ blue
Get out on the streets
And make an approach or two

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