“You can learn to approach and attract the girl of your dreams in one day!”

A lot of the companies out there pedal this bullshit, with an enormous price tag attached. What you will get from one of these £££ boot camps is a feeling of adrenaline and a rush – you may feel like you can rule the world… for a day or two. You will go along for a weekend, learn loads, feel great, feel invincible, feel high… then four days later…. oh god, you need another boot camp. £££££*

This is not how long-term mastery is achieved. Instead, I offer a much better and much more cost-effective way for you to progress on your journey. Rather than spend hundreds on a bootcamp on one weekend, I encourage regular lessons (depending on how much you practice in between). Read this blog post where I go into this in a little more detail.

I run one-on-one coaching sessions in central London, here’s the structure:

Meet, chat, and I find out where you are at – your experience, sticking points etc.

Then we have an hour of live coaching (or however long you want). I’ll be able to hear everything you say via a listening device, and I’ll record your interactions.

I’ll give feedback between each set for you to take forward.

After the session we’ll retire to a nice location, sit down, have a well-earned cuppa and listen to all the approaches. I’ll identify what you need to work on for the next lesson. Practice and guidance, practice and guidance.

After this I’ll send you an email with the edited recordings, 4 or 5 specific things to work on, along with longer term areas of development. All of this is tailored to fit you individually. In essence, everyone gets their own individual blueprint. All this is included in the lesson price.

Remember, my main goal is not to teach you some cacky tricks – I’m here to bring out the best of you. That’s where the gold lies. Alchemy.

Drop me an email:


You get a first taster session for free! Taster session is normally around half an hour – you don’t get the post-analysis, recording, or guidance email.

Most students commit first time to a one-off lesson, but feel free to get a taster if you want!

one-off lessons: £50 (2 hours £80, 3 hours £100 or you can have me the whole day for £200); with video £70 (2 hours £100, 3 hours £200 or you can have me the whole day for £300)

5 hour lessons over 5 weeks (can be flexible) £200

10 hour lessons over 10 weeks (also flexible) £400

We can create different deals between us, especially if you are looking at longer-term development. For example, I had a student not so long ago who had been on a weekend bootcamp for £2000. I pointed out that he could have bought a WHOLE YEAR of lessons and improved steadily and gradually.

* A little disclaimer, there are guys who go on a bootcamp but are so dedicated to the practice that the bootcamp turns out to be a great thing. These guys are rare – and it says more about them than the bootcamps.

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