Students bigging me up

 “You have no idea how much happiness you have caused. I honestly feel like a new person…” ~ Gabriel

Here are some testimonials from students: I put them up here so you can see that it works, and also to feed my enormous ego. Enjoy!

From Josh

I was lucky enough to have Phil guide me through my first real daygame session on a Saturday Sarge. His guidance was golden. First he showed me how to perfect the stop. (I started by tapping on her shoulder).
Then he caught on to my instant value seeking, and told me to tease right away. I tried this a few times, and before long I was coming up with gold. I was getting sparkly eyes, cheeky grins, and girls stopping and thanking me for stopping them.
Then he showed me how to carry on the conversation and take it somewhere.. (I was literally stopping her, creating attracting, then standing there like “Ummm.. soo.. ok.. umm”.) Phil fixed this really fast.
Later on that day I got a solid number (She asked me for it), and this was all on my first real day of doing any of this. I wouldn’t have done it without Phil guiding me in the right direction.
If you can have Phil coach you even for a few hours, DO IT…  your life will change dramatically.

From Derek

Before coming to Phil, I had never approached a women and fear of approaching like most. Within an hour, I was confident in going up to women. He brought the best out of me, doing things I could have never have done alone. Phil is more than a great coach; he has brilliant infectious positive energy and is very encouraging! Thanks a lot Phil!


From Ollie

Having never successfully approached in daytime, Phil got me up to a level where I could comfortably stop girls on the street and open them. Something that previously filled me with fear – it now seems an almost natural process. In just one hour, Phil has helped me overcome my lifelong approach anxiety. He gave me some great advice and points to work on, which I’m confident will help me get to advance my progress even more. I’m very much looking forward to my next session!


From Jamie

Having suffered with crippling AA since discovering daygame a few months ago I finally decided I needed to get my act sorted out and booked a session with Phil.  This all changed after a few approaches with feedback from Phil. After 2-3 goes I got my first number close with a super-hot Latvian student. Totally knocked out as she was really top line! Phil noticed straight away what my sticking points were. Went on to do I think 12-14 approaches; stationary girls, moving girls, girls in shops (turns out there wasn’t a force field around the shop!). Every girl I spoke to was at least a 7. I definitely would not have had the guts to approach them if I hadn’t had Phil’s encouragement. During the session I managed to push completely beyond what I thought was possible both in terms of the quality of the girls I was talking to and the amount of numbers I was getting.

No exaggeration, this really was a life changing afternoon for me. The social freedom and the feeling of meeting and facing up to your ego after years of constructing ways to avoid getting it damaged was almost indescribable. Great work mate!

From Jordan
Three words I’ll use here that you won’t find on other pick up coach reviews:
genuineunderstanding and nice.
Phil is an extremely pleasant and likeable chap. He quickly saw my strengths and got me to build on them as opposed to bamboozling me with deep in game theory.
A huge USP that Phil offers, that is lacking in other coaches, is that he will focus on your natural ability. Whilst theory does have it’s part to play in this style Phil does a great job on explaining this later down the line but primarily builds a foundation around ‘you’ and not something you read in a book.
He has a relentless enthusiasm for his natural style and he’s an absolute hero to pick you back up when you’ve been blown out by a set. He even convinced a sceptic like me that going out to have a chat with a random girl in London makes total sense.
I cannot recommend him enough.

From Rich

When training with Phil, the streets of London become a playground. His energy, enthusiasm and honed coaching abilities are a fantastic boost. He’ll get laughing, understanding social dynamics and most importantly he’ll get you approaching girls. As a newbie it’s great to see what’s possible in this game and Phil is the perfect embodiment of a guy who’s done this to improve himself and his life.


From Max

I had my first session with Phil yesterday and I can honestly say that I made more progress in my 2 hours with Phil than in the whole 2 months prior. 

Phil immediately comes across as a genuine, honest guy who actually cares. He has just the right positive attitude to both encourage you to push your boundaries and to remain positive after failure. He is awesome guy to spend time with anyway and this only enhances the quality of coaching.  

He focuses on the practical techniques that you need to apply in order to improve, rather than bogging you down in theory. The focus is very much on approaching as much as possible. Phil really pushed me into opening many sets that I would not otherwise have done (a lot of fun, especially sets with parents in them!), and helped me become considerably more comfortable with shop sets. Phil makes you feel that anything is possible, to say that the streets of London become a playground is an understatement.

Phil was able to quickly recognise my areas for improvement and gave me just the right advice and encouragement to greatly improve my technique to the point where my results had considerably improved by the end of the session.  I even had my first kiss-close (ever) from a girl I had known 10 minutes in a shop!

 A session with Phil is an invaluable experience and could quite possibly be something that you remember for the rest of your life.


From Frank:

This man is not only phenomenal at day game, but also an understanding and encouraging coach and wingman. I spent one hour with him, and I did my successful first ever 10 approaches in life, thanks to his encouragement and insights into the game. I’ve learned more with him than with anyone else or online articles. You should see how well girls reacted to him when he did a couple of demos approaches for me — just amazing!      —Frank


From Alp

As a beginner of around 100 approaches, the 1-on-1 tuition I gained from sarging with Gaydame has helped further my progress immensely. Being pushed into sets I wouldn’t have opened was useful, allowing me to lose both my stationary and shop approach virginity that day and widen my perspective on what I can do. Also, seeing him do unconventional approaches such as a three-set and a girl in a food-queue was inspiring and totally mind-blowing.
Feed-back on what I did and what I could have done lead to a noticeable difference in what I would do by the end of the session. Particularly for me, playful teasing early on in set was highlighted as an area of my game to work on.
 I found that my epiphany came from watching how a more experienced daygamer sarges; his mindset, self-amusement and persistence for a close. This has given my own journey direction.
It should also be said that I had a great time sarging and Gaydame is a down to earth guy with a good sense of humor and a great arse*.
*arse compliment added by Gaydame


From Gabriel:

Having never approached before, and reading all that there is on it – stuff like Daygame Blueprint, Models by Mark Manson and Book of Pook, I have started to get a better understanding into pick-up and what attracts women, it all made sense. But I had no actual practice nor experience. I maybe had 5-6 girlfriends through all my life, 0 nightstands and 0 pickups. Most of all, worst was my great fear of approaching any woman with a sexual intent. I was struggling as hell to get through that and I just couldn’t approach anyone no matter how hard I tried on my own. I have worked a lot on myself and have improved my confidence but for some reason I was still scared shitless when approaching.

I have kind of avoided joining bootcamps and sarges because I didn’t feel like being pushed into sets that I wasn’t personally attracted too so I decided to meet Phil after I saw his post on LSS.

Meeting Phil “Gaydame”

I have managed to break the ice! Even after meeting Phil I still found it crippling to approach but he told me to practice the “Yad Stop” on himself and gave me feedback on how I was doing. I found it quite funny doing that on him and after having done it a couple of times something just clicked in me and made it quite easy to do it again on someone else as well.

So I have done my first approach. I was rejected (a bit of a harsh word but I don’t know any other more suitable one) but I felt awesome! I have defeated my fear! I have had zero interest in what the girl’s reaction was. I was still scared and every thought that was going through my mind was telling me to bail out. We have done around 8 approaches in one hour and Phil’s advice was spot-on and extremely helpful. I have learned a lot from as little as that and have learned to enjoy it. His approach is one of honesty, congruence and presence – which is how all of us should be.

I know his stuff worked because I went out on Saturday and continued to do approaches having done another 5 on my own! Which is amazing!

If you have approach anxiety or are trying to improve, as a beginner, I would highly recommend Phil “Gaydame”. Great guy and awesome coach! I feel like I owe him and have gotten huge value from our meeting.

Thank you!

Gabriel followed this up: “thank you so much for your time, you have no idea how much happiness you have caused. I honestly feel like a new person. I even did a bit of nightgame on Saturday and it was quite succesful! I cant believe it!

I can’t thank you enough :)”


From Dennis

Thanks for the coaching yesterday. You made it look and feel really natural and easy.  Thanks to you now I understand various dynamics of approaching,  the ping pong example of frame control really made sense to me.  Your style of coaching is very dynamic and flexible which were based on my weaknesses. Just Amazing!

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