The Ultimate Seduction

Techniques are great, techniques are necessary… blueprints are needed. You have to replace your old bullshit with something, and the new bullshit is pretty good… for a while… It will get you some results, and that’s no bad thing.

But after a while, you may begin to realise something…

This first hit me a few years back when I was having a bad day, and I had stopped a girl. We were talking (I was doing most of it) but I started talking about a building I liked. After a couple of minutes I realised that we were lost in each others eyes, and the words didn’t matter. The words just kept a certain part of our brains occupied while an enormous wave of sexual tension flourished.

Which brings me to the ultimate seduction, beyond what to say, how to hold yourself, what blueprint to follow, strategies or “patterns”. It is simply this:

You look into the girl’s eyes and underneath all her bullshit identities you see her for who she is, and you show her who you really are. Not “John”, not “an accountant”, not “a musician” – just the “I am” of existence. The simplest thing there is, and the most powerful…

This is a connection far beyond any teaching, any concept, any demonstration, any explanation. Like falling in love itself, it must be experienced to be known. With this power you can work miracles…



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