Blueprints are Bullshit

I’ll admit it. The title was to shock you.

But this hyperbole does point to something…

When I first discovered the Game way back in 2009 I was convinced it was the answer! And when I bought Mystery Method I was even more convinced – like a nut-job with a holy book – that it was the truth, the way, the only way, the alpha, the omega, the shit.

The truth?… Nah!

I kept up this belief even though it didn’t chime with me, even though I felt shitty using those opinion openers, even though its scientific and categorised structure didn’t sit well with my more artistic nature. Through hundreds of shitty opinion openers, I kept going, convinced that I needed to conform myself with the Gospel. When something went right, it was thanks to MM. When something went wrong, it was because of me.

This is a little phenomenon called “confirmation bias”. People acting on beliefs frequently suffer from it. And it seems that every time someone writes a new “Pickup guide”, they declare that this is the one (whether they actually believe it or not is another matter).

But the truth is that Mystery wrote the Mystery Method. It’s for Mystery, and by Mystery. The Daygame blueprint is more or less the book of Yad. Speed Seduction is the book of Jeffries, Daygame Nitro is the book of Krauser, Double your Dating is the book of DeAngelo, the Annihilation Method is the book of Strauss.. and so on, and so on.

You’ll get different guys saying “this is the one” and another saying “this is the one”. It’s just like religion – The Jewish Torah, the Christian gospels, the Qur’an of Islam, the Kitab-i-Aqdas of Baha’u’ll’h, the Hindu Vedas, the Avestas of Zarathustra, the Adi-Granth of the Sikhs, the Mahabarata’s Bhagavad-Gita, the Book of Mormon, and the Urantia book are all declared to be the “absolute truth” and the “revealed word” of the “one true” god, and believers of each say the others are deceived. The only logical probability is that they all are – at least to some degree.

Holy Book, Batman!

That is to say, it could be that all holy books point to the same truth – something about getting in touch with our divine nature, but apart from that they are all equally absurd if you do take any of them as – literally – Gospel in their entirety.

It’s the same with all these pickup manuals. Are they all useless? No, each of them contains something useful, I’m sure – but for everything useful for me there has been something I’ve read and thought “now that just doesn’t sound right…” Later on, through experience, I learn that it doesn’t sound right because it’s not for me.

Through teaching a growing number of students), I’m realising that there are as many blueprints as there are people, and no one blueprint is the complete answer for everyone, or even anyone other than the author. In other words, no holy book is a substitute for God, and no pickup book is a substitute for you.

One of the major problems with believing any book is the answer is that you get guys saying “I felt like I should do x, but the book said ‘don’t do x’.” In other words, guys begin to believe some words on a paper over and above themselves, reality, evidence, and their experience.

So hears the only blueprint you need. You read lots of books, you absorb what speaks to you and you drop what doesn’t. You go out and experience. Experience a lot. Experience everything, constantly leaning gently against the walls of your comfort zone. In the end you come out with a decent blueprint. The name of it?


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